Thursday, September 15, 2011

this is NOT how you win my affections

dear library,

i love you. A LOT.

i love being able to browse around your shelves and find new things to read. i like how quiet you are, and that the kids section is on the opposite side of the building so i don't have to deal with children with terrible manners.

i love that i can check things out at a kiosk and not actually have to interact with anyone.

but right now....right now we're in a fight.

because all i want is to finish this mammoth book. it's really good, but it's got a lot going on, so it's not a quick read at all.

plus it's 500+ pages, so a week to read it isn't gonna cut it.

and now you tell me i can't renew it because someone else has requested it?? BUT I'M NOT DONE.

soooo, i've got some bad news.
tomorrow, this little beauty will be coming home with me.

so, like ross and rachel....we're gonna be on a break. because my new toy won't give me books and then snatch them away right in the middle!!

i hope one day we can be friends again library....but time will tell.

a bookworm joining the 21st century.


Angie said...

Congrats on the cool toy. I have, however, justified paying late fees for books that took FOREVER to read as in - it's still cheaper than buying the book! Our fees used to be 5 cents a day (now 10 cents) so if I kept a book an extra week or two, it was still only a couple bucks - well worth it!

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