Monday, September 26, 2011

surpassing ALL expectations...with a little rattling stick

you know how sometimes, you make plans, and you think about the plans, wonder about the plans, hope the plans turn out as amazing as they are in your head....and then the plans are just regular? just normal old you're kinda disappointed?

like being invited to a party....and you keep hoping it'll be all kardashian-ed out...and it's just chips and store-bought dip and crappy ice cream? sunday was like that.


cuz see, i made plans with my mom and my sis....and i thought our plans would be kinda awesome. maybe even quasi-awesome.

i did not anticipate the most awesome thing ever that i've gotten to do in a long time.

so what's got me all atwitter this monday morning? what hasn't gotten out of my head since 4:35 yesterday afternoon?

um, THIS!!!!

i swear to you, that first "NAHHHHHHHH" had chills up my arms, and my sister and i squealing like the kids we were the first time we saw it.


when i say it was amazing...i mean it was AH-FREAKING-MAZING.

you don't appreciate how gorgeous this movie is when you're 11.

you don't really "get" the circle of life when you're not even rocking a training bra yet. you don't "get" that it's not just about a's about family. and love. and life.

but, 17 years totally still know EVERY word to every song. and sing them. and crack up at the hyenas.

and you may or may not want rafiki to be your new best friend....cuz he probably gives really good advice. and he's got that sweet stick with the rattling things on it.

and i hope the hubs doesn't think that since he didn't go with us to the theater, he's out of the pridelands just yet (haaaa, lion king joke. i can't stop). cuz, the blu-ray comes out next week, and it is TOTALLY coming home with me.

anyone else jumped on the lion king train yet?? are you OBSESSED? and have you figured out how to get "hakuna matata" out of your head??


Kathryn said...

I have always loved lion king! And I know every word to every song! I can't wait to buy the DVD!

Anonymous said...

I heard it was good. Is it a different movie than original? (different plot) or the same only in 3D?

bananas. said...

besides it being 3D, is there anything new or different? because girrrrl i've seen the lion king a million and one times. know all the songs...know most of the's true. i'm a disney nerd.

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