Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this is NOT a post about the emmys

even though i totally watched them.

it's not even about the return of fall tv, which makes me ridiculously happy (and also a little nervous, because keeping up with the DVR can be a challenge!)

nope...this is about hair.
and how i want rachael taylor's 'do on my noggin. asap.

this is my hair now (well, technically this is my hair about a month ago...but you get the general idea).

doea anyone know how hard styling that kind of bob with the serious swoopy bangs is? cuz...i'm kind of hairstyling stupid. i can manage a round brush to turn the ends under. and a flat iron.

anything else someone is gonna have to show me, and i'm gonna have to pray works on my baby fine mop.

also...i thought this hair might work because it looked like rachael had a normal neck, not a freaky giraffe model one...but now i look at myself, and i feel like i have a weird troll-y no-neck!

this is why i need a hair genie who can fix it without me having to explain what i want...because CLEARLY i cannot decide.


bananas. said...

i like your neck...and your hair! it's cute!! :)

but i hear ya...i wish i had a mini gay stylist that fit in my pocket so i could take him everywhere and he could beautify me at any time.

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