Monday, September 6, 2010

it's never been the same since then

for most people, this labor day is a day of being off work, enjoying one last warm-weather cookout, and celebrating the unofficial end of summer.

for my family, it's exactly a year to the day of the first morning we all woke up to the world a little dimmer, a little less fun, a little less sparkly.

the woman on the right, goofing off and posing with my mom is her sister, my aunt. my only aunt.

she lost her battle with colon cancer september 5, 2009.

it was a tough fall for my family, we had another close family friend pass away not long before my aunt mom and my grandmother are still sad, i'm still sad, and we'll always have a little piece missing.

so hug your sisters tighter, tell your aunts you love them more than they know...because if they're ever gone, nothing will fill that space.

but i know that anytime i stop on the side of the road because i can't resist a yard sale, or a flea market, or the promise of treasures inside a thrift's because of my aunt carolyn.

and despite her work for 26 years...i've NEVER learned to use my inside voice...and i think she likes it better that way =)


Salt said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, friend. :( She sounds like she was a spectacular woman! Your family in in my thoughts today.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I'm so sorry she's gone - that just sucks. Cancer sucks.

Praying for you!

bananas. said...

hope you were able to spend the day remembering her for the strength that she was and smiling at all the happy memories. she sounded like an awesome lady.