Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's hard to be happy about something you don't like

if you're an only child, you might not understand this post. but if you're like me, and you've been blessed with siblings, especially sisters....you'll get it.

my little sis is not my best friend. never has been, never will be. because we're SISTERS. our bond is totally different than friendship...cuz she's gonna be my sister forever. friends break up, friends become enemies....but my sis will NEVER not be related to me.

we're 4 years apart, so we didn't really start being grown-up friends at all until i left for college...sure we played as kids, but we also fought like crazy.

now that we're close...i want it to always be that way.
who else but a sister can you convince to try on HORRID shiny leggings at target after wedding dress shopping?

anyways...this is the text i get from her last night...."James is officially registered to be a student at texas tech next spring....pew pew, pew pew pew!"

the "pews" are gunshot noises....texas tech is the red raiders. it's funnier in person.

but what's NOT funny is that texas tech is IN TEXAS. and yes, that's where james, the boyfriend is from. the boyfriend i can barely stand, for all his stereotypical ranger douchiness.

yes, he's a military man....and i hate it. i live in a military town...and i've lived my WHOLE life seeing dudes act like they're hot shit because they SIGNED UP TO DO A JOB. bravo sir...if you want to get applause for doing your job....be a pageant queen. don't act like because you're 19 and in basic training you've saved anyone's life.

what am i supposed to do if my ONLY sister moves hundreds of miles away?
it's not just the moving...it's the moving for him. for the boy who she's broken up with at least 5 times since the hubs and i started dating. the boy she's moved back into my parents house after fights at least 5 times too.....only to get back together a few days later.

if she was moving for herself...i'd still be sad, but i'd be proud of her. right now, even with not knowing if she's going....it just pisses me off.

this is the laugh i want to see on her all the time...and i don't with this dude. plus, he's got a kid AND a bat-shit crazy ex-wife. who stalks her on facebook, so she doesn't have an account....WHAT 23 YEAR OLD SHOULD HAVE TO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK BECAUSE OF HER BOYFRIEND'S EX-WIFE?! plus, they get into fights about facebook.

WHO GETS INTO FIGHTS ABOUT FACEBOOK?! this is not true life.

she is SO MUCH better than this moron. but she's my sister...i can't tell her he's a loser. she's stubborn, she'd never listen anyways.

and what about when the hubs and i start for real talking about kids? i spent my WHOLE life with my closest family only a 30 minute drive away, if that long...it's gonna suck if aunt robin is a plane ride away, instead of just a quick roadtrip.

anyone else hate their sibling's significant other?


Mrs. Prepperoni said...

Babygirl you KNOW I feel your pain... I can only imagine how much this sucks. We should pitch our own version of the Bachelorette with TWO Bachelorettes- Alli and Robin. And the contestants must be guitar-playing doctors who save kittens on the weekends.

Salt said...

My brothers are all still too young to have serious girlfriends (thank GOD because I can already see myself hating all of them).

Unfortch she sounds a little like how I was when I was her age (ex wife and facebook ridiculousness aside), so she is probably going to do what she wants and make her own mistakes and then learn a big old life lesson from it just like I did.

It sure doesn't sound like a healthy situation though. :(

PeriodicBrilliance said...

Even though I've got a brother and not a sister I understand what you're talking about. He'll always be my baby brother (whether he likes it or not, or whether he's taller than me). I think I'd go a little postal (internally of course) if he was dating some crazy chick. Fortunately he seems to have better taste than that. ...For now.

I think all you can do is be there for her. And secretly pray that moving to Texas with him throws everything into a WHOLE new light and she dumps he sorry ass and moves back home and meets a, what did Mrs. Prepperoni call it? Oh, a "guitar-playing doctor who saves kittens on the weekend."

Best of luck to you and your sister.

curiouser&curiouser said...

oh my gosh, this is so near and dear to my heart. my sister dated a less-than-adequite guy for over a year. even though they've broken up now, he's still affecting my sister and her relationship with us, her family. we're all getting ready to move to texas and she's staying behind, in utah, to "go to school" aka be near her ex just in case he decides to come back to her (which, he wont). - i hope everything works out for you and your sis. its tough to let go of family members and let them figure out their own mistakes even when you know what the outcome will be.
thinking of you.

Amber said...

I have two brothers. I'm stuck in the middle. Now that we're grownups it doesn't really matter anymore-we're "friends". Not like buddies, but sibling friends.

I was the sister than ran off with some dude that was less than perfect for me (to say the least). I was 18 and stupid and lonely.

Being the sister that was with a guy like the guy you're describing, it's hard to see anything else when you really care about that person. Also, I learned that I had free will and I could do what I want.It was such a freeing feeling.

My advice is to support her. Tell her you may not agree with what she's doing but you will support her. Learning life lessons (such as the one she's learning now) sometimes can't be learned until it's learned the excruciatingly painful way.

From experience, she'll one day grow sick and tired of all the drama and ridiculousness that comes with the territory. It takes time!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I feel ya! My entire family is super FAKE nice to my brothers dumb girlfriend and it blows. Holidays are soooooo not fun with her around. Hopefully your sister will realize what a loser she's got and get the heck away from him!!

bananas. said...

final answer...yes!!!

i only have one brother but man the bitches he's pulled in...grrrr. cannot stand!!! i'm pretty portective of my family so when it comes to sig others, it takes a looong time for me to accept.

currently all but one person in my family is married or in a long term relationship and of those people its the guys that have chosen wrong. i mean i don't mind them but they're definitely not my first choice. i could explain but i'd end up writing a novel so i won't.

i will say my brother's gf and i have had our ups and downs. she's an odd thats for sure.

loveable_homebody said...

Oh wow. What an awkward situation. I wonder what your sister sees in him, or what you may not see in him?

I have a twin sister (we are best friends and always have been... But I think a lot of that has been possible because we're the same age and share a lot) and I can't imagine what it would be like for her to have a boyfriend that I didn't like.

I'm wondering how she feels about you posting your dislike for this guy on your public blog.

PS I think those silver leggings are fantastic.