Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the day i molested old navy

you ever go into a store to look at ONE THING, and leave with 27 other things...and NOT the one thing you went in for?

totally happened to me today. popped by my old navy to see a sweater i saw online and looooooved....except the fabric was heinous in person. so i skipped it.

and then i made the mistake of stopping by the clearance rack, where everything was an extra 30% off.....$60, and 2 bags full of stuff later, my closet is SO much happier now =)
i got this adorable cardigan in this grey color, PLUS a light mocha color...i love the cotton fabric, it's so lightweight and cute...and will be adorable with colors tanks under it.
every girl needs some casual weekend this, but mine's yellow and grey, not white and grey. i CANNOT take how cute the buttons are. plus, a friend of mine got the same one last week, so we'll totally be twinsies.
i am honestly contemplating ordering this from the site, for more than i paid in the store, just because the fit is so flattering. also, another twinsies shirt with my girl.

the most expensive of these pieces....the cardigans. for a whopping FIVE. DOLLARS.

that's right party peeps, i got 4 tees for about $3, plus the cardis, PLUS all these shirts, PLUS two pairs of boxers for the hubs, and a UGA shirt from the men's section on sale for $12, which is up there in cuteness factor with the VS PINK collegiate ones. but cheaper. and not made for tiny midgets.

oh yeah, and i finally invested in some tank tops, since all the ones i have are circa 2002. maybe. so they've got that super hot, barely reach my jeans look that was SOOOO fly back in the day. not so much now.

so please, if you wanna score some sweet deals, hit up the ON....15 things for $60 ain't bad at all....

also hoping all my long-sleeve purchases don't jinx the string of cooler weather we're having....after 3 solid months of high 90's, my heat index is topped OUT.


Salt said...

Well I had no idea that Old Navy had so much cuteness right now. The one down the street from my house is in big, big trouble.

And the thing you described about going in for one thing and leaving with a bunch of other stuff? That's the kind of relationship I've always had with Target.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the neckline on that V neck. Looks like I'll be popping over to Old Navy on my lunch!

Amber said...

I think the Old Navy in my town needs to be felt up LOL

I had nothing to do today, but I have found something to do! Woo hoo!

AmandaDF said...

I've fallen in love with Old Navy! I didn't realize their stuff was so cute! Plus, the deals they do on clearance is amazing!