Monday, September 27, 2010

i prefer my vacations sans water...

i'm back, after a whirlwind bachelorette weekend for one of my very closest friends....which included a midnight pit stop at a days inn for some zzzz's, cuz the 2 of us driving down to orlando from GA was NOT gonna happen.

also learned i'm NOT really a cruise kind of girl...not a fan of the actual motion of the ocean. love it on the beach....not so much being in the middle of it.

but we had TOO much fun, and i didn't get burned, which is basically a miracle for this super white girl.

there will be pics coming eventually, BUT i didn't take any, so i'll have to wait for the ladies to get their upload on.

should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging asap...missed you all!!

and the vodka sneaking went water bottles were the way to go =)


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

welcome back darlin!

not a cruise girl myself.

bananas. said...

i don't do cruises either. did one once, heard way too many stories later and now i refuse. but i know the kinds of fun that can be had so i'm sure you had a blast.

welcome back lady!!!

Salt said...

So like. Could you feel the boat moving? Because I'd have a seriously problem with that.

I'm glad you had fun though!!