Monday, June 22, 2009

why i love awesome companies

so, remember my love for the FREE trial kit of everyday minerals? well....i finally ran out of the makeup....i have TONS of eyeshadow and blush left, because it takes so little....but using the base every day...i ran out.

so i got to peruse more last week...and lo and behold, they have a custom 6 piece kit for $34. ANY 6 pieces. you can get 6 eyeshadows....or 6 blushes, or 6 brushes, or whatever.

i decided to get 2 bases, in the colors i like best, 3 eyeshadows (including the one above) and a bamboo handle eyeshadow brush. the eyeshadows are pretty big pots, like lip gloss pots. and it's much cheaper than buying them separate.

well, i get my order in the mail....and it also has 2 small trial pots of eyeshadows (a greyish blue, and a gold) and then a peach color corrector.

so, for $34....i got enough foundation to last me for months, enough eyeshadow for WAY longer, because this stuff is potent, and a little goes a long way, and free stuff too!!

yep, i officially love everyday minerals. SO much cheaper than bareminerals.


if you need advice about colors, i'll tell you what i love!


Ashley Pizarro said...

I LOVE their makeup! Thanks for the extra bit of info.!

Taryn said...

I love Every Day Minerals too. They are great!