Thursday, June 4, 2009

suiting up...

confession:: i haven't purchased a new swimsuit in more than 2 years. yeah, it's crazy. but i don't have a pool, i don't have friends with a i don't really need one.

i'm not a tiny girl by any means....but i'm not real big either. my major problem area is my tummy, and i'm 5'10", so teeny little bikinis always make me feel like i'm a giant 12 year old or something. i dunno....i feel weird in them.

so, i have been looking at the tankini/one piece lately....and there are some super cute options!!
love the pink of this one! it also comes in black, and brown i think.
how fun and safari-like is this pattern? i'm digging the low-cut one piece, cuz it's still sexy...without being like "wooo hoooo, check me out!!"

::sigh:: this pattern makes me SWOON. i love it. it's got a cute tie in the back, so it's fairly open back there, which is awesome, and also ups the swoon factor.
the best part?? none of these suits are over $50!! they also have the same patterns in halter bikinis, and even cover-ups!
i will be the first to admit, i might have a problem/addiction to New York & Company.
but how can i not?? these suits are too cute!!
and, because you KNOW i'm not gonna leave you without some HERE for $30 off $75 at NY&Co. print it, or use it online!


Ashley Pizarro said...

I LOVE the orange bathing suit! And then the pink one comes in second! I also go to victoria's secret for bathing suits! You should check that out b/c you can get some great deals on their swimwear as well! :)

Ellie said...

The girls would look fabu in any of those picks!

For the tummy area, I highly recommend Magicsuits. I took mine for a test drive last weekend, and got lots of compliments. And didn't feel as self-conscious as usual about my food-baby. My blog-baby? My food-blog-baby!

PS: Got one from VS, and 2 more from Rue La La!