Friday, June 19, 2009

ready to save at chadwicks?

remember the oh-so-adorable dresses from Chadwick's that should be at my doorstep today or tomorrow? yeah.....the company is trying to make me go bankrupt....because in my inbox this morning, a coupon for 30% off EVERYTHING. even clearance!!!

how freaking cute are the ruffles on this shirt?? with the coupon code.....$14!

and the pleating on this is to DIE it in blue, and the black would be sooooo chic! also....$14.

and OMG, this dress makes me swoon. the ruffles. the color. the gorgeousness. with the coupon....$35. HELLO!!
so, if you want any of these lovelies, or any of you ladies who were feeling the last round of chadwicks shopping....PLEASE take advantage of this awesome deal!
just enter CHOFF3 when you check out! it ends sunday!!


Monica said...

Love the Yellow shirt w/the belt..Super Cute!!

Mrs. McB said...

Thanks! I love Chadwicks :)

Mrs. A 2009 said...

Thanks! That persuaded me to order a dress I have been eyeing. Can't wait to get it.

Melissa said...

I love the dress!!

Anonymous said...

The yellow top is my favorite. And you know I cannot pass up a deal...thanks!!

preppyinnewengland said...

Chadwick's has an outlet up here outside of Boston that is worth checking out if you visit!