Saturday, June 6, 2009

set for summer

oh my gosh. i am SO excited about my latest summer prep purchase!!

see this chair? everyone and their mom has them right? they're comfy, they're perfect for sitting outside or taking to outdoor events.

well i have one now. only mine.....IS BRIGHT PINK!!!! it is so awesome, i can hardly stand it!! it was only $15 from target, and when i tried to talk myself out of it, cuz it's kinda awesome fiance told me i had to have it. probably because he didn't want to risk hearing me lamenting about NOT having it if i gave it up!

so what's a girl with a hot pink chair to do??

get herself a hot pink cooler of course!!!! i haven't decided which one i want, either the one above, or the bigger ones on wheels, or the traditional igloo shape. but i definitely need to get on it, they sold out SO fast last year! no waiting on these to go on sale's full price for a little pink beverage chiller goodness.

oh yeah, and i can also rock my new pink damask koozie from etsy seller Pink says "mrs." on it =) 4 months is close enough to use it, right??


Jess said...

holy crap I love it, I had no idea Target sold those chairs in pink!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Get the wheels! Carrying a heavy cooler is NOT fun. My hands are still sore from carrying ours at the beach!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

love the pink cooler :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

So cute! I want a cooler like that!

Ellie said...

Leave it to you to find hot pink tailgating gear!

b is for brown said...

best cooler ever