Tuesday, June 9, 2009

addicted much?

yes, i stole this image from google. but i need it....because you see, i have my eye on a headband JUST like the red one. only, instead of $24....it's $9. from HOBBY LOBBY of all places!!

and, if you're a wannabe crafter like me, check out THIS BLOG. that link is for 40% off at hobby lobby, which makes me beloved gameday headgear like....$5. but they have printable coupons for all the craft stores you could want!

and, DRESS UPDATE:: turns out, the tahari sold out in my size. so, i'm waiting for another sale to come around....it's usually every month to 6 weeks...and this is the 2nd time the suzi chin has been on there. so if the dress is meant to be mine...i'll find it again.

until then, i'm off to chadwicks.com....i got the new catalog in the mail, and a little clearance shopping never hurt anyone =)

i also want to say HIIIIII to all my new followers...so glad ya'll are here =)


Monica said...

Thanks for the link to the Hobby Lobby Coupon..I am addicted to that store :)!! Does Hobby Lobby carry the headbands or are you making yourself one?

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

they carry them! at my store...they were on one of the racks right in front of the registers, with lots of sports stuff.