Tuesday, June 2, 2009

two of my favorite things, together!

if i haven't said it before, i love my own name. and my initials. and monograms. and all that jazz.

i currently have 3 necklaces in my arsenal with some form of my initials....one is an H with tiny diamonds, it was my college graduation gift from my mom, i wore it today, and i love it in its simplicty and elegance.

i have a vintage typewriter key that i wear on a chain sometimes....you see, i've always been a writer. i love words, i'm much better on paper than in person ;)

and i have a stamped necklace with my 4-months-away married monogram, from Lauren Nicole Gifts.

and now......she tempts me with this.

"Fine Silver typewriter key initial pendant necklace on a sterling silver ball chain. "

silver? typewriter? initials??

GAH, i love it more than one person should. it's so pretty....and yet so simple. just silver, a pearl, and the bead of your choice.

why is payday next week?!? why???

i might still indulge. if you want to, go HERE and when you check out, use the code "wacky" for 30% off this little beauty!!


Little Miss Southern said...

I love that!! Doesn't Etsy ROCK!!

Jules said...

I love all of Lauren Nicole's products. This necklace is very pretty.

CTB said...

I love the idea of an old typewriter key on a chain. How sweet.

~Holly~ said...

I know how you feel! LOL I saw this too and immediately knew I had to have it! :)

Lauren Nicole, LLC said...

Thanks for the write-up!!

You were one of the winners for the monogrammed book clip. Just email me at admin@LaurenNicoleGifts.com when you get a chance. Thanks!