Wednesday, April 18, 2012

it's like being the best at nothing

i have a confession. and sort of makes me sad to say. because i really do love GOOD, to kill a mockingbird is the jam. 4 life. and don't even get me started on my never-ending adoration for one suzanne collins.

but sometimes....sometimes, i also read drivel.

and lately...they have made all of those drively books into movies. which usually, i do not see.

like this current soon-to-be-released gem.


i honestly don't even know WHY i keep reading them. because i KNOW what's gonna happen....people will fall in love. and then someone will die. it's the sparks way.

but my favorite part of the trailers for this one?? the fact they claim it's "the best nicholas sparks movie since the notebook".

let me refresh your memory about the nicholas sparks movies that have come out since the notebook.

one starred her.
and one starred him.

so yeah, i can see how the high school musical kid has a decent shot at scoring "most romantic after ryan and rachel, even though no one will EVER be as awesome as ryan and rachel, not even shane and mandy even though i will love a walk to remember forever and ever amen".

BECAUSE EVERYONE ON EARTH IS SEXIER THAN MILEY CYRUS. and channing tatum looks dumber than a cardboard box.

maybe the movie execs need to figure out a different tag "see the lucky one. just don't force your husband/boyfriend/brother/dad to watch you sob for 90 minutes during it. and don't get mad when they don't 'understand' it."

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Jess said...

eh im not a huge nicolas sparks fan, but I do want to see The Lucky One. I loved The Notebook so i hope this one is somewhat as good. Plus its the first movie I think Zac Efron actually looks good in =)