Thursday, April 5, 2012

don't you want some free nail polish?

i'm totally not above pimping out myself for some free stuff. especially if YOU get some free stuff too.

how does a free bottle of awesome nail polish sound?

omg zoya, you're killing me with the new summer colors...i need them ALLLLLLLL

so, how do you get something free you ask? SO. EASY.

all you have to do is click here. that'll take you to zoya's site, and once you're there, you set up an account. once that's done... you'll get a promo code for a FREE bottle of nail polish. FREE.

 and if you're like me and you loathe paying shipping....just pick out 2 more colors, and you'll get all three shipped to your house for just $16!! you can't beat that deal.

plus. once you've got an account they do all sorts of promos...i highly suggest liking them on facebook, because i've gotten SO much free polish from different offers they have.
yes, this is actually ALL of my zoya polishes. and yes...i have 2 other drawers filled with the rest of my polish. YES I'M AWARE I'M A TOTAL POLISH HOARDER. at least it's not expired food or cat poop.

i can honestly say that zoya is one of my favorite brands. their polish colors are GORGEOUS, plus they're completely vegan so they're safe for all those folks who are trying to stay natural and away from chemicals, ro for any mamas cooking up some babies.  plus they dry super shiny, and they last for AGES, on me at least. i've had an at-home zoya mani last through grouting and tiling. no top coat, no base coat, nothing but polish. it's awesome.

and yes...i do get points if you sign up and get your free polish. BUT YOU GET FREE POLISH. and then you can get your friends to sign up and they get free stuff, and then YOU get more free's really a glorious circle of freedom. like the circle of life....only shinier and more colorful.

so help a wing-slinging sister out, ya hear?


miss garlic said...

clicked on the link and the free nail polish doesn't work. is there a code to use?

Jess said...

I'm tryin it now, thanks!