Wednesday, January 4, 2012

when christmas presents attack

as my first post of 2012...this could be about my new year's resolutions.

but it's not, because i don't make them.

it could be about my lovely christmas, since i haven't been around much since then.

but it's not...because one of my gifts turned on me.

my mom knows how cold i get, and how i love to be she lovingly got me a pair of fuzzy socks that come all the way up to my knees. they are grey and squishy and cozy and i love them.

but yesterday....our relationship too a rocky turn.

because socks, plus this

equals the biggest, nastiest bruise on my right ass cheek EVER. and yes...i did in fact fall all the way from the top to the bottom. on my ass. omg.

don't think i didn't contemplate trying to get a non-scandelous picture just so you could see how HORRID it looks...but then i figured no one really needed to see my humps on the internet. especially not in that condition.

it's like the universe said "welcome to the new year're still REALLY FREAKING CLUMSY".

at least i can still blog with a battered bum.


KLaw said...

i did that shit too mopping wooden stairs. but i actually put my ass up on the net. true story. hope you heal soon!

Mrs. Prepperoni said...

You poor thing!!! At least you didn't do it in a house full of people, at a new years party, like I did my senior year in college. Coolness FAIL.

bananas. said...

i'm still fucking clumsy too hayley so we can be two bruised bums in a bum pod. i don't even know what that means but you get the gist.

SSS said...

You are not alone. I can't tell you how many times I've busted it on both hardwood and carpeted stairs, and THAT, my friend, takes a special kind of grace.