Tuesday, January 24, 2012

is scotchguard the new black?

between this part-time job gig and crocheting up a storm to get orders finished...i feel like i've negleted my poor little blog!

but if there's one thing that will get me inspired...it's my one true love.

no, not the hubs....SHOES.

 i scored these beauties yesterday at target. LOVE finding something i've lusted over online at the store...these weren't a big time steal like my boots were, but they're still super pretty =)

and yes, you have to ignore the fact that it looks like i have cankles in the second photo....cuz i do NOT. they are scrawnier than all get out.

now i just have to figure out the best way to keep them pristine that does NOT involve only wearing them in my house.

also, spent a whopping $13 this weekend...

for a sweet new haircut. about half an inch shorter, but feels SO much better. great clips for the win people...great clips for the win.

promise i'll try and be around more, even if all you'll hear about is yarn and chicken wings!

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Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I can't believe you got those lil beauties at Target. I'm gonna have to head to Target & scope out the shoe aisle . . . those are adorable!