Wednesday, January 18, 2012

you'd think i'd get an A for effort

learned monday....apparently, my lady bits get a solid B+.

doc says things aren't bad at all, and right now she isn't worried. so yay for that. BOO for having to wait on test results...oh yeah, and for having to spend $376 to get my innards inspected.

in other money news...the hubs decided it's time to buckle down and work on a budget (so we can save some money for some little ones in the still-very-distant-future). guess who still has 2/3 of her monthly allowance left, AND has been making some extra cash selling scarves??

i am nerdily proud of myself.

and's only january 18th. it's all about the little victories here people.

 plus they're so pretty all stacked up =)

plus, i got a part-time job at a new wing restaurant in town.

i'm basically a fast-food cashier. but cuter. and i don't hate my life.

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bananas. said...


about time you started making money for your mad DIY skillz!!! :)