Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i don't really think this is what the bangles had in mind

manic probably doesn't really describe my monday....maybe more like "quasi-productive for one in a blue freaking moon'??

finished one of these...and made the other 2. and yes...this girl IS super excited about selling these bad boys. cuz...the hubs decided we needed to be on an allowance. aaaaaand i might want more moola than that. (if you dig these and want one for yourself...let me know! i got lots of time, and they're totally less than a fast food dinner for two!)
clearly...these 2 are not enthralled by my mad crochet skills. (just wait til i figure out how to make dog clothes boys...then you'll WISH you got to sleep.)

AND then i wrapped up the day with this delightfully vegetarian dinner from scratch. yep...made quinoa my bitch. (and don't worry....the white-trashy dinner of chicken and potatoes and cheese and bacon is coming later this week!)

not bad for one day.....now if you'll excuse me...i've got more hooking to do. (the yarn kind...not the lady parts kind).


AmandaDF said...

Love me some quinoa-yum!

First, I'm super impressed with your crocheting skills! Are those infinity scarves? I'd totally be down to add some extra cash into your allowance :-)

katherinebee said...

Love those! You're so talented! So where will you be selling these crocheted goodies of awesomeness?

MiMi said...

Those are awesome!! Are you opening an etsy? Or do you have one??