Tuesday, November 29, 2011

will you still love me with claw hands?

have you ever had one of those days when you're browsing around pinterest, and something catches your eye and you're all "i can TOTALLY do that".

yeah....it happened to me. with these.

see, all these fancy pants crocheted scarves and cowls had me saying to myself "hales, you can most definitely make this happen....plus, it will be totally cheaper than spending $20 on the one you like from target".

yeahhhhh.......this is how it's going so far.

that's a solid 3 hours of work yesterday. cuz i had to watch the youtube videos teaching me how. and then start over when i chained wrong. and then watch another video. and then realize i missed a stitch making the first row of single crochet and had to unravel it. and then i think there was another youtube video...and a decent amount of swearing.

at this rate...i will be wearing this bad boy in august. 

of 2015.


KLaw said...

omg hilarious! you are a better woman than me for even attempting!

Brittany said...

The only thing I found to make it any easier was bigger needles (or whatever they are called)! It will make your stiches bigger but I found it much easier as a beginner.

bananas. said...

yea...there's no way i'd ever even attempt to make those things.

$20 and it's mine in 60 seconds vs. 3 hours of claw hand?

i think you know my answer. ps. they're ~$7-12 at f21 or old navy. in case you decide you'd like a scarf for this year.

katherinebee said...

I fail so hard at knitting. Good luck on your claw hands!

Bekkah said...

Don't give up! I recently taught myself to knit via youtube and my first attempts were terrible. I stuck with it though, and two months later I've gotten much better.

I also second the bigger needles/ hook suggestion. It's way easier to start out with the bigger ones.

Meg said...

Crochet can definitely be tricky, but you're good to keep it up! I've been crocheting for about 15 years and have only mastered one stitch: the afghan stitch. I don't know how that would translate in terms of a cowl, but I can tell you that it's the easiest one I've found! If I sit down and crochet straight, I can make a traditional long scarf in about four hours.

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