Wednesday, November 9, 2011

who needs benjamins...i've got MISTER WASHINGTON

we ALLLLLL know i love me some jewelry. high end, low end, whatever end...if it's sparkly, i want it.

like these beauties...i LOVE these druzy earrings. they're like diamonds...but cheaper. plus, they totally remind me of my rock collecting childhood days...which i may or may not be considering raiding for some jewelry supplies. cuz you are cool.

BUT they're still over a hundred bucks. and while that's an awesome christmas's not such a great on-a-random-tuesday gift.

so what did i do??

YUP....i diy-ed.

these fancy little thingies (ear bobs? earring blanks? disks of wonder?) were just calling to me at the hobby lobby.

following this tutorial, i rounded up my mod podge, my trusty martha stewart glitter, and i got to mixing. then i got to waiting (and yes....they are resting between an anthro catalog, and a catalog for GTO parts...DON'T. ASK.).

and the finished product?
i LOVE them. they're black and sparkly, with a hint of green...they remind me of asphalt.

i've got a few tweaks to make next time (and TRUST there will be a next time)...but for LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS....i'd say i did pretty well =)  and the best part...i now TOTALLY have a reason to get that neon MS glitter i've been eyeballing...cuz neon pink fake rocks?

plus, there may or may not be two square blanks filled with glittered glue just begging to be made into bracelets this afternoon!!

anyone else jump on the druzy, or fake version of it, train?


SSS said...

Your "disks of wonder" look lovely. You are so creative! Oh, and I saw a girl wearing these the other day and loved them! (Sorry about the non-clicky.)

Claire Kiefer said...

Goodness, I'm so impressed with all you bloggers who can swing DIY jewelry. I wanna see what else you come up with!!

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