Wednesday, November 16, 2011

anthro has nothing on my local boutique....called the dollar tree

you know how sometimes you see something, and you think to yourself "I MUST OWN THIS RIGHT FREAKING NOW"??

like...the way i feel about butterfingers in the checkout line, times about a thousand. (or times three, cuz i REALLY love butterfingers)
yeah...i most definitely felt like that when i saw this necklace on pinterest via anthropologie.

and then i checked out the price tag.


there is only one phrase to sum up my feelings about this....bitches. be. crazy.

cuz yeah...i ain't dropping five hundred bucks on some old glasses strung together. if those old glasses came with a french bulldog puppy and weekly dates with ludacris, plus a makeout sesh with joshua jackson...MAYBE.

so of course...i take it upon myself to make it happen. (the necklace part, not the luda-dates and pacey lovin')

lucky me, there's totally a dollar store basically in my back yard (actually, it's right up the street....cuz a backyard dollar store might be AWKWARD.)

so i grabbed 6 pairs of reading glasses and got to work. lesson learned....THESE BAD BOYS ARE HARD TO TAKE APART!!! the red ones and the patterned ones got chucked because their stupid arms wouldn't come off.
BUT the four i could manage to mangle turned out really cute all hooked together with jump rings!

and here's me wearing it in front of my dirty bathroom mirror. i rocked it friday with a white sweater with skinny black stripes...and let me say, EVERYONE loved it. or at least....everyone noticed it. i got a few "ohhhh, i thought you had on 4 pairs of necklace".

so basically....everyone should make one so i'm not the only kid rocking reading glasses as jewelry and getting comments from strangers.

cuz for $4, why not?


KLaw said...

that's awesome! how did you string it together?

Jamie said...

I love that you mention a date with Ludacris! I'd give a toe or something for a day with him!! :)

bananas. said...

you're like martha stewart's little sister...but BETTER. go you, you DIY queen!

megan said...

You just made my day.

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