Wednesday, November 23, 2011

drowning in a sea of karo syrup

sorry major lists of things i'm thankful for (even though it's a BIG list!) because right now...all i can think about is corn syrup. and pecans (which for the record, are apparently the culinary equivalent of dubloons. $8 for 12 ounces?! shut it DOWN).

cuz my dad has been asking me SINCE AUGUST about making a pie for thanksgiving. so...this afternoon, i'm undertaking his request.
this pie is up first.
then these bars, because i am totally a glutton for punishment, and can't make JUST pie....and don't want to disappoint my dad with just bars, and no pie.
and to round out the fat girl trifecta, i'm making this PB "cheese" ball.

so in about an hour...the christmas tunes will be cranked up, my apron strings will be tied...and i'll set to the task of dirtying up every single bowl we have in our kitchen.

happy thanksgiving loves!!


Morgan said...

I have my first chocolate bourbon pecan pie in the oven now! Hope it turns out!

SSS said...
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SSS said...

PS - I'm pretty sure the original poster of the dip didn't have any graham cracker sticks so she flipped over all of the dog biscuits she had. ;)

SSS said...

Ummm I am also surprised you do not have a post re: your T-Day outfit!

bananas. said...

sooooo how did it go? post pics and share PLEASE!!!

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving doll!

busanalayali said...

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