Friday, October 28, 2011

the time i almost had a stroke at target

for at least 2 months....i have been lusting after a pair of boots. a pair of gorgeous black riding boots that were a fraction of the price of the frye's i've also been lusting after, but would rather not pay $300 for right now (maybe one day though....maybe one day) on

a few weeks ago they had a buy one, get one 40% off...but i didn't bite the bullet.

AND THEN THEY DISAPPEARED OFF THE SITE!!! i was crushed, they were only online so i thought hope was lost.

then they returned...and still i didn't bite the bullet. i was just trying to be a good girl, and not drop the cash just yet.

yesterday....the universe totally rewarded my patience.

because as i'm browsing the shoe aisles, wasting time...i spy on a shelf a tiny glint of a pirate's treasure or something.
you see that button? oh yes....MY BOOTS WERE AT THE STORE!!!

aaaaaaand instead of being $70....they were marked down to $35, presumably to get rid of them since they're only online unless someone returns them to the store.

my heart started racing a little....would they be my size? would i love them on my little chicken legs as much as i love them on the website?


i was clutching those bad boys in my greedy little hands like a crackhead taking one last hit before heading to rehab.  like a toddler pageant queen clutches her giant crown. you get the idea...i wanted them a lot.

aaaaaaand then....i may or may not have scoured the shelves, found them in brown and tan, and then pranced my little self to the checkout as fast as my soon-to-be-booted-up-in-style legs could take me!!

so a big shout out to whoever decided to buy a bunch of boots online and hate them...cuz this girl is all the better for it!


Emily said...

Patience clearly paid off then!! way to go girl!!

Gracie Beth said...

That happens to me ALL the time with dresses from target that I like online. They mark them down SO much when people return.

anna said...

oh, i love it when that happens? and you know what? i firmly believe that means they were MEANT FOR YOU!
also, i LOVE target. for obvious reasons, no?

anna said...

also i meant: oh, i love when that happens! not: ?. there is definitely no question about my love for that happening.

Lilly's Style said...

Wow, your patience seriously paid off! Awesome deal, especially since they're real leather. I saw the brown ones online and thought even $70 was a great deal for leather.
Love me some Target :)

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