Wednesday, October 12, 2011

just get me a girdle and call me betty

so technically...i've only ever seen ONE episode of mad man.

on a delta plane. flying to miami 2 years ago.

BUT i have a passing knowledge of the whole thing, and the swinging 60's retro vibe they're all rocking...and rocking well.

and while i'm more of a bourbon girl....i might have to break out the vodka martinis...

because this vintage ice bucket now lives at my house. and i am OBSESSED with it.

granted...i probably won't use it for an ice bucket, cuz it's basically just a big glass bowl and it's not very insulated.

but the pattern. and the black and gold. and the AWESOMENESS. it had to come home with me from the thrift store.

so far, my mother hates it...and the hubs hasn't decided whether it's retro-cool....or old-lady-hoarder.

that's why they don't get to come to my one-woman retro party =)

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