Monday, October 17, 2011

It's hard to slow it down when it feels so right

 dear nate,

two years ago today...we finally made it official. we became husband and wife.

and every day since then, i've not ONCE thought that saying yes to you wasn't the best decision i've ever made. EVER.

it seems like yesterday...and it seems like a lifetime ago. i feel like i can hardly remember a time WITHOUT you in it. so how is it possible only 24 months have passed since our wedding?

you're my partner, my other half....the one person who always gets me, always makes me laugh, always makes me smile, always makes me feel safe.

i love that i can be myself all the time around you...goofy and stupid, quiet and reserved, loud and obnoxious. sometimes...all of that in one afternoon.

i love that being with you is like having the best roomate ever...cuz you take out the trash and clean the gross dishes. and usually, you only expect a good meal at night, and some good lovin' thrown in for good measure ;)

every adventure life brings us...i know we'll face together. i can't wait to see that handsome face of yours looking down on your first-born child....BUT let's wait a bit for that, whatdya say? some days i can't believe i'm anywhere near old enough to consider being someone's mama...but i know, when that day actually're gonna be the best dad EVER. you'll teach our son to be a good man, or you'll teach our daughter what a good man is (and probably threaten every male that comes within 10 feet of her until she's 30...maybe longer).

there aren't even really adequate words to describe what you being in my life means, how much better and more whole my life is with you in it.

i said it then, and i will mean every single word, every single day, for the rest of my life.

I promise to care for you and trust you, to cherish you and respect you, to forgive you and be forgiven by you. I will love you in good times and in bad, when we are together and when we are apart.  Your pain will be mine, And your joy mine as well. I promise to be ever faithful, today and for all our tomorrows.
the mrs.


tara said...

Happy anniversary!! :)

SSS said...

This is lovely, Haybales! Happy anniversary!

katherinebee said...

Happy Anniversary! Fall anniversaries are the best!

bananas. said...

and the award for hopeless romantic goes to YOU!!!

awwwwwww...happy anni kids!!!

busanalayali said...

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