Monday, October 24, 2011

a-maize-ing anniversary trip....aka traipsing through the wilderness

the hubs and i have been married for 2 years....but we've been together almost 6. so, we're not super big on the "let's do something fancy for this occasion"....because, for one, our anniversary was on a monday and nate has been a busy little worker bee lately.

and so, we decided to do a little day trip on friday to get out of town, and just spend some time together. our first stop friday afternoon was the mall of georgia, the biggest in the state. then, being a dutiful wife...i totally googled the nearest fry's because if there's one thing that will make my dude's a giant store full of electronics. (i got a super cute new camera case out of the deal, so all was not lost!)

but all the shopping and walking was just killing time before the main event. the thing i've been talking up FOR WEEKS. the thing that made me all giddy like a kid...

i mean, look at those eyes! do those look like the eyeballs of a person who is a normal amount of excited?? not at ALL.

those are the crazy eyes of a girl who's sitting on a bale of hay, being pulled by a big tractor....TO THE CORN MAZE!!!!

i not only demanded to be taken to the corn maze...i demanded to be taken to the corn maze AT NIGHT. because daytime corn mazes are for parents, and losers. nighttime is the jam.
look how much fun nate is having trying to violate the corn maze rules! veering off the corn maze path....what a renegade.

and of course...this is me, with our bag of s'mores goodies, afraid we're going to have to bust into our stash because we're gonna have to camp in the corn maze until dawn.

because let me tell you....that maze was HARD!! and it's reaaaaaaalllllly dark in an 8 acre corn field on hog mountain road. HOG. MOUNTAIN. that's how you know it was legit.

i swear to you there were times i thought we were NEVER going to get out. ever.  once we were all done....we realized we'd only been doing the 2 mazes for about an hour and 15 minutes.

but out in the dark? when you don't know where you're going?? that seems like A LOT longer!

anyone else love some harvesty activities? or had a corn maze make you feel dumb?


Kathryn said...

I got thrown out of a corn maze once. True story. It was dark and we were tired of being in the corn maze and started cutting through the corn. Apparently that's illegal in the corn maze.

SSS said...

I loathe corn mazes but I love this post and your crazy eyes.

Bekkah said...! I know exactly what corn maze you are talking about. My parents live just down the road from there and I've been to that maze many times. It is definitely not for the faint of heart lol.

bananas. said...

how cute are you two!!! that corn maze ain't no joke...i know i couldn't do it. that kinda ish freaks me out. i always feel like somebody is watching me, ready to jump out in front of me.

also reminds of the labyrinth. and that little worm that says "allo!" hahaha i'm weird.

happy 2 years!!!

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