Monday, June 6, 2011

the only thing keeping me from melting

when it's approximately 3 bazillion degrees outside every day....i tend to stay inside. at home.

because i hate sweating.

but i LOVE making some new jewels.

threw this together over the weekend, after finding the giant green pendant at walmart for $3.  it looks so vintagey, like my aunt would have had it in her thrift store. and i'd have bought it. but probably for more than $5.

and who doesn't need an armful of awesome for a trip to the discount movies??

the first bracelet is just a chain with's fossil. and we found it in the parking lot of the mall. just chilling by itself with the pricetags on. the hubs is pretty sure someone tried to shoplift it, and then in a flash of karma, lost it. so they did not get to profit from their crime.

but i did. so sue me.

also bought the bangle with the stones...for about ten cents. cuz coupons + clearance = awesome.

but the rest are all hayley originals.

so i'll be spending my hot georgia summer chilling on my couch watching reruns of true life and stringing beads. cuz THAT doesn't sound crazy and lame at alllllll =)


bananas. said...

making those friendship bracelets are soooo easy! AND FUN!!! i accidentally bought the wrong size hex nuts but my bracelet still turned out ok.

ps. your wrist looks similar to mine this weekend. except mine is more gaudy gold.

Nikosmommy said...

I love the layered bracelet look! You're mighty crafty missy! (this impresses me because I couldn't craft my way out of a paper bag...)