Monday, June 20, 2011

how am i tired from a lazy weekend?

i had basically 2 very simple plans this weekend. see my dad for father's day, and hang at the pool for one of my best girl's birthday.

so why the heck am i still so tired?? this weekend wiped me!! granted...the getting up at 8ish this morning didn't help. yes, feel free to hate me for whining about 8am being early...i'd hate me too.

i had to drop my car off at the shop...and walk home. it's only about 1/4 mile...but still. NOT happy about it. also crossing my fingers that 1. the hubs is right that it's the CV joint/axle/something or other that's broken. and 2. it does not cost 14 million dollars to fix. cuz sometimes...that's what they charge.

alright, back to my "lazy" weekend.
see that dude on the left putting together LIME GREEN PAPER LANTERNS? that's the daddio. cuz nothing says "i love my eldest child" like manning up and decorating her wedding reception. LOVES. IT.

so what does a girl get her motorcycle loving dad? easy...a harley collar, complete with studs...FOR HIS CHIHUAHUA. it was totally the most ridiculous gift ever. and he ADORED it.

score one for the redheaded daughter.

this not-very-pretty-at-all cupcake is one of 3 survivors of my friend's birthday. it's also secretly not a cupcake...but a cookie/brownie hybrid of deliciousness. you can snag the recipe here, but please try and ignore that my treat looks like a big ole loser next to the real picture.

and no, since you're asking...i do NOT have plans to eat a spoonful of this leftover homemade chocolate marshmallow buttercream.


.....until after lunch.


bananas. said...

for the first time EVER...i am craving a cupcake. or should i say faux cupcake.

you, my friend, are winning!

Brittany said...

That cupcake or non-cupcake looks so good!