Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my arm feels naked

okay...it's not REALLY naked. well...it is. because i live in georgia. and it's been hovering between 95 and 100 for like a month straight. so me and sleeves aren't real good friends lately.

BUT i have been on a purse hunt. i got tired of the blue one i was carrying...and then i got a used teal one from a friend. and now i want something else.

i found a great deal on a grey fossil bag this weekend, real leather and only $88....BUT then i got it home and tried it on a time or 2 and didn't love it. so back it will go.

i searched online, and while i have a deep and abiding love for a $700 coach bag...the hubs would probably kill me, or make me start turning tricks to pay for it. at the very least, i wouldn't be allowed to make him clean the nasty sink trap where all the gross wet food particles go...and that is one thing i REFUSE. TO. DO.

so i need to know if you love or hate either of these bags...and which you love or hate more.

there's this gorgeous purple, which i think wins the color war...like it's straight up summer camp or something.

sidenote: anyone ever watch the 2 hour documentary "fat camp" on mtv, and its sequel "return to fat camp"? nothing those whiny fat girls hated more than color war.

my only concern is that the top handles aren't very long, and it might not fit on my shoulder well. the chain probably would...but will the chain bother me?

then there's the orange...i've never had an orange purse before. i think the top strap is a little longer, so it would probably fit better on my arms...and i dig the shape and all a lot.

basically...i suck at choosing. but i need to pick one, because they're only online and i don't want to have to ship it back.

so help a sister out and tell me what you think!! i'll love you like a fat kid at fat camp loves extra helpings of dessert =)


Tina said...

i love the purple color but, love the shape of the orange one better. I would choose the orange :)

bananas. said...

first of all...BOTH those bags are gorgeous! great eye you have there missy ;)

second, go with the purple. i see it not only has a chain strap but a cross strap too. that can come in handy.

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Orange, fo sho. First off, I love my orange purse; you can rock it. Secondly, the chain on the purple one is iffy. Thirdly, that's all I have. Orange.

Summer Athena said...

both colors are amazing. soooo nice. purple!

AmandaDF said...

I love the orange one-the purple is pretty but a little boxy for me. Also, love the fat camp reference-those girls totally hated color war (and just about everything else they did at camp haha)

katherinebee said...

Orange! I'm not a fan of the chain on the purple, and orange is such a fun color.

Callie said...

Orange! I agree that the chain on the purple is not my cup of tea.

Lilly's Style said...

Love the purple one! It reminds me of a Coach bag I love (can't think of the name right now), the style is very siilar.

Arrived....My Journey Has Just Begun said...