Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in 18 days...

i'll be walking down the aisle in this.

and i still haven't picked what song will be playing when i do.

see, i'm not so good at making the decisions sometimes. it's easy for me when its THINGS, like decor what not....but this is my song. the song that, from now on, whenever i hear it, i'll think of my last walk as a miss.

CLICK HERE for option one.

see, i decided when i was probably....14, that i wanted to walk to "so this is love". disney's cinderella is tied with can't hardly wait for my fave movie EVER. and yes, i realize that's quite the mix.

but then i started thinking that maybe i wanted something more contemporary.

CLICK HERE for the amazon link to preview option two.

oh how i ADORE edwin mccain. and this song is from my favorite show of all time....dawson's creek.

gah, i sound like the biggest nerd in the world with my faves today.

anyways, this is vitamin string quartet....we're using all their covers of songs for the prelude before the ceremony, and all the other ceremony music.

so help me pick!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

what i'm lusting after

so i'm at the mall yesterday with mom and sis...and sis weasels me into NY&Co. she claims to want to "try on one dress real quick."

yeah.....we all know i'm like a JUNKIE for that store.

and lo and behold, of course i find something i must have.

oh my word, i need to own this jacket like yesterday. it's not real leather....but i LOVE it. it's such the perfect blend of girly and tough....and i can totally throw it over almost anything.

so, it's $90....which is a little crazy for fake....BUT....i found a coupon for $50 off $125. so this jacket, plus 3 shirts i already have and love, but in colors i DON'T have...plus, some flower pins i saw for $2....will put me right at that total. which means for $75...i can have it alllllllll.

i know i should be saving, since the wedding is in NINETEEN DAYS....but could you pass up this hot number?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

changed my mind

so i sent my friend ashley pictures of the jewelry i posted yesterday....and she wisely pointed out to me that crystals and pearls might not be the best choice for that dress and shoes.

cuz they are sorta funkier....and i like that. so why not embrace it? my wedding day is so full of white and pearls and crystals anyway....why not do something different?

and thus....i go to my favorite place for all things one-of-a-kind.....etsy.

and i find CCValenzo's shop.

i love the color and the sparkle of these....so fun and different, and the blue matches!! these were my first choice....until i started browsing around and getting all indecisive.

these are similar....but a little darker...and look almost like blue marble to me.

these have almost a floral pattern to them, that reminds me of the pattern on my dress.

and these are totally different, smaller, with some sparkle from the crystals.
so now i can't decide which i like best!!! so i need ya'lls help =) let me know which you vote for!
and p.s.

i'm totally getting these for my animal print loving little sis for christmas. SO. CUTE.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

trying to accessorize

now that the rehearsal is three weeks from tomorrow (commence internal freakout), i finally need to decide how to accessorize my dress!!

just a little refresher pic...

when i first started wedding planning, and browsing around....i fell in LOVE with stacysdesigns88.

she makes all sorts of thinks with vintage chandelier crystals, which is awesome....i always used to admire my grandmother's crystal chandelier....and i still love them.

so i'm trying to decide whether i want to order earrings, or a necklace....or both.

these are my favorite earrings, i love the coin pearls....and i have a strand of coins i could wear with it if i didn't love the earrings on their own....and i have a strand of smaller pearls that match the bottom ones too.

and then i LOVE this necklace, so simple and dainty....totally rewearable too!! and i have small pearl studs that would go....but she also makes matching earrings for this.
so what should i do? get the earrings? get the necklace? find a matching set and rock that?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what i was up to this weekend

this weekend was crazy busy for me, and so much fun!! so i thought i'd show ya'll a little of what i was up to.

saturday morning, my mom's coworkers threw me a brunch shower....i've known some of these ladies my whole life....in fact, the ladies who threw this shower threw my baby shower, while i was still in utero!

after my shower, i went to a paint your own pottery place here in town.

back story:: when my best friend got married in 2007, the 4 of us who are best friends, and always each others bridesmaids....decided to go paint pottery. we were just doing it for fun....but in the shop, they had a plate on display with a bride and groom driving away in a car, with a "just married" sign and the date around the edge....so of course, we copied that for her, and we all did our own things.

fast forward to 2008, when another one of the foursome is getting married....we go through the whole routine again, except her plate is a bride and groom cartoon, with their names and the date.

and now, of course, in 2009...it's finally MY turn!!

this is what i made, pre-firing and glazing of course....

i love the intertwined H and N, and the date at the bottom....it will go perfectly displayed in our kitchen with our lime green stand mixer....if i ever get it =/

anyways, that was all saturday....plus, the dawgs won of course!

then sunday, my amazing bridesmaids threw me a shower....and the recommended attire....derby hats!

so i had to go all out....and find something to match my gorgeous blue kate spades.

soo.....it might have been a smidge pimp-tastic....but it was so fun!!! the blue ribbon matched perfecty, and the feathers were so fun. and the giant flower?? LOVED it.
the hat was $7, and probably another $7 in supplies from hobby lobby!
25 days until the big day....i can't believe it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

saving on one of my faves

InStyle is hands down one of my favorite magazines....i've been stealing the copy that comes to my mom's house for awhile now....and then i finally broke down a few months ago and got my own subscription....cuz they sent me an offer in the mail for $20 for a year. which is awesome.
but you know what's MORE awesome??
getting a year for FIVE DOLLARS!!!
CLICK HERE for the amazon link....i'll probably end up adding this to my current subscription....cuz for less than a value meal at chick-fil-a....it's all the fashion this girl can handle!

Friday, September 18, 2009

much love for ms. klum

i love heidi klum. i think she's gorgeous, and funny, and her and seal are adorable....she can kinda do no wrong in my book.

so imagine my excitement when i get an email from hautelook, a high-end boutique site like ruelala....and they have heidi klum jewelry on sale today!

confession:: one time, i was glue to the tv for 90 minutes during a heidi klum QVC special.

so i bought myself a little present =)

aren't these cute?! for only $17....i couldn't pass them up.

and of course the matching clover necklace....it comes with 4 cords, black, red, white and brown....so i can wear it with just about anything =) for less than $30 for essentially 4 necklaces...i love it.
CLICK HERE for your invite if you want to check out hautelook for yourself!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i can't believe it

in ONE MONTH, this will be on my left hand forever.

i've been engaged since LAST MARCH, and now it's a month away....i can't believe it!

and yes, that's my actual wedding band....that i may or may not occasionally wear around the house to "practice".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i have an addiction

....and it goes by the name of OPI. i love this polish, it's what i wear about 95% of the time.

so i've been looking forward to the new fall c0llection since the summer collection came out!
here it is, in its entirety.....OPI espana. LOVE them all.

i finally got to see them in person this weekend at ulta....and i want to buy at least half. but so far....these 2 are my faves.
this is suzi skiis the pyrennes. it's a dusty dark grey....with a faint hint of shimmer (i think). i LOVE it. grey is one of my favorite colors, it's neutral, but so much chicer than black.....

and this is here today, aragon tomorrow. my friend ashley hates it....but i'm still on the fence. cuz i think dark green would be a fun change from my normal dark purples and blues....
so what do you think? get them both? get ALL of them? what's your fave OPI color?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

changing teams

yes, i'm a heels girls through and through. stilettos will ALWAYS make me happy.

but come fall...i'm also ALL about throwing on jeans, and a cute long sleeve tshirt and coat, or a cute sweater (mossimo black ultra-soft are my faves!!)....and what goes best with those?


and see....target's not helping my obsession....cuz right now, they're having an online sale...ALL their shoes are buy one, get one half off....

so what's in my cart right now, just waiting for me to pull the trigger?
seriously? pink, and suede, and ruffles???? i LOVE these!!!! i can totally picture them with a black turtleneck, and my houndstooth coat.

and i'm digging this button...and the grey color is great. fun neutral that's different than regular black! it also comes in black with gold, and raspberry pink with gold too.

mmmm, yellow....so fallish. so pretty. so fun and cute.

and if i found 3....i gotta find another for the discount right? this shoe actually comes in lots of colors, black and red and green and teal....but i kinda dig this mushroom color. would go with almost ANYTHING.
the best part? all 4 pairs would cost.....$70. that's crazy talk ya'll.....just crazy.
what do you think of my potential purchases?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

love my creative friends

once again....it's time for another round of hayley needs to brag on her amazing friends.

cuz a when a girl's got rockin' peeps in her life....she's gotta show off their skills.

i'm sitting at home monday night, feeling 14 kinds of icky....and i get a BBM (blackberry message for those NOT in the know) from my friend ashley....and she tells me she's designed notecards for me.

oh, how this warms my heart....being the stationary slut i am =)


she drew that ya'll!!! i can't get over it, it's sooooooo cute!! i blacked out my new last name, so my biznass isn't ALL over the internet, but it's there....and O.M.G.

i am totally hopping my pretty little self over to vistaprint and ordering...oh, everything with this on it. notecards. return address labels. how freaking cute would it be on a mousepad, or a tote bag???

LOVE. thanks again ashley!!! smooches!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

yes, i still buy them

yes, i'm getting married 6 weeks from tomorrow. and i don't really have any planning so much left to do.

but i'll admit....there's a couple wedding mags i've already warned the boy i might be picking up, even AFTER we're hitched. because they're so much better than the regular ones.
instyle weddings is one. i'd never read it until i inherited a bag full 'o mags from a friend when i got engaged...and one was this. and i LOOOOOOOOOVE it. love. perhaps more than i should.

and so, i kinda squealed inside when i got an email yesterday about saving money on the new issue, on stands today!!

CLICK HERE to print a $2 off coupon!

i've gotta hit walmart tonight for tailgating snack supplies anyways...so this will be coming home with me too!

and in case you're wondering....martha stewart weddings is the other one i'll probably keep reading, at least for awhile....

don't. judge. me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it came....and i love it.

my rehearsal dress came in last week...but then i packed up and jetted off to miami for the weekend, so i forgot to take pictures....until ashley, who helped me find the dress, demanded them last night.

excuse the quality, they are totally phone pics cuz i was too lazy to get my camera.

this is from the knee up....i couldn't fit my head in there too, cuz i'm tall....and yes, that's my bathroom. and yes, right now we only have 1 light in there because we've been too busy to replace the fixture....hence the strange yellow cast...

see how teeny my waist looks? LOVE that. it's very bombshell-y....which is sorta what a girl wants for her very last night as an unmarried lady, right?

and of course....i had to show it to you with the shoes. it's TOO. FAB.
the dress has very small amounts of that blue color in it....so they match, without it being too matchy-matchy. and the length is perfect, not too short, but not too long....and so classy.
the best part? it's TOTALLY comfortable. like....almost unnervingly so. i love it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

in honor of saturday....

there are few things in this world that make me happier than college football.....rooting for my dawgs (that's UGA, for you non-SEC-ers). i will bleed red and black 'til i die.

and so of course, i need new gameday gear.....especially if i can get a sweet deal!these pants are SO cute. i looked at them in the store....and they're plenty long. and they have pockets!!

and of course i need a matching tee =)
and this vintage-y tee was too adorable to pass up.

so i used the code PINK10 for $10 off EVERY item from the VS pink collegiate collection.

and in my inbox....a code for a free tote!

i got pink. DUH =)

use the code PINK09 if you want one too!!

and since i spent more than $50, i used the code FA919297 to get free shipping!!!

i love VS and their tiered codes.....cuz i got all of the above, for $78.

and while you're on the site....go to the PINK page, and sign up for pinknation....they don't send many emails at all (like, i've gotten two the whole time), and you'll be able to print a coupon for a free travel kit with any pink purchase in store....i got a cute pair of grey and white striped undies with little pink bows!