Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what i was up to this weekend

this weekend was crazy busy for me, and so much fun!! so i thought i'd show ya'll a little of what i was up to.

saturday morning, my mom's coworkers threw me a brunch shower....i've known some of these ladies my whole life....in fact, the ladies who threw this shower threw my baby shower, while i was still in utero!

after my shower, i went to a paint your own pottery place here in town.

back story:: when my best friend got married in 2007, the 4 of us who are best friends, and always each others bridesmaids....decided to go paint pottery. we were just doing it for fun....but in the shop, they had a plate on display with a bride and groom driving away in a car, with a "just married" sign and the date around the edge....so of course, we copied that for her, and we all did our own things.

fast forward to 2008, when another one of the foursome is getting married....we go through the whole routine again, except her plate is a bride and groom cartoon, with their names and the date.

and now, of course, in 2009...it's finally MY turn!!

this is what i made, pre-firing and glazing of course....

i love the intertwined H and N, and the date at the bottom....it will go perfectly displayed in our kitchen with our lime green stand mixer....if i ever get it =/

anyways, that was all saturday....plus, the dawgs won of course!

then sunday, my amazing bridesmaids threw me a shower....and the recommended attire....derby hats!

so i had to go all out....and find something to match my gorgeous blue kate spades.

soo.....it might have been a smidge pimp-tastic....but it was so fun!!! the blue ribbon matched perfecty, and the feathers were so fun. and the giant flower?? LOVED it.
the hat was $7, and probably another $7 in supplies from hobby lobby!
25 days until the big day....i can't believe it!


Kelley said...

aww the plate is really pretty!

Taryn said...

I would love to see the finished plate - what a fun idea!!

And the pimptastic hat is perfect. Love it!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Love the plate! What a fun shower theme!! Derby would make a fun couples shower theme too!

The Pink Chick said...

Love the plate! It is so pretty!!!