Thursday, September 3, 2009

it came....and i love it.

my rehearsal dress came in last week...but then i packed up and jetted off to miami for the weekend, so i forgot to take pictures....until ashley, who helped me find the dress, demanded them last night.

excuse the quality, they are totally phone pics cuz i was too lazy to get my camera.

this is from the knee up....i couldn't fit my head in there too, cuz i'm tall....and yes, that's my bathroom. and yes, right now we only have 1 light in there because we've been too busy to replace the fixture....hence the strange yellow cast...

see how teeny my waist looks? LOVE that. it's very bombshell-y....which is sorta what a girl wants for her very last night as an unmarried lady, right?

and of course....i had to show it to you with the shoes. it's TOO. FAB.
the dress has very small amounts of that blue color in they match, without it being too matchy-matchy. and the length is perfect, not too short, but not too long....and so classy.
the best part? it's TOTALLY comfortable. like....almost unnervingly so. i love it.


Jules said...

I love your rehearsal dinner dress. The colors are beautiful and the shoes look great!

Preppy Coastee said...

I looove it! VERY CUTE!