Friday, September 25, 2009

changed my mind

so i sent my friend ashley pictures of the jewelry i posted yesterday....and she wisely pointed out to me that crystals and pearls might not be the best choice for that dress and shoes.

cuz they are sorta funkier....and i like that. so why not embrace it? my wedding day is so full of white and pearls and crystals anyway....why not do something different?

and thus....i go to my favorite place for all things one-of-a-kind.....etsy.

and i find CCValenzo's shop.

i love the color and the sparkle of fun and different, and the blue matches!! these were my first choice....until i started browsing around and getting all indecisive.

these are similar....but a little darker...and look almost like blue marble to me.

these have almost a floral pattern to them, that reminds me of the pattern on my dress.

and these are totally different, smaller, with some sparkle from the crystals.
so now i can't decide which i like best!!! so i need ya'lls help =) let me know which you vote for!
and p.s.

i'm totally getting these for my animal print loving little sis for christmas. SO. CUTE.


Freck said...

Ohhh! Good call, love the first pair of earrings!!

Jin said...

I made the mistake of clicking on her etsy shop address. Holy cow, all her earrings are fab. I can see why it's a tough choice.

My vote is to get the blue marble ones for the rehearsal (2nd picture) and then grab some of her other ones in other colors for everyday/honeymoon wear. Because you just can't have just one pair.

Yeah, I'm no help.

Jin said...

Wait - aren't your shoes blue too?

If so, then maybe full blue earrings aren't the way to go. Have you seen this one:

Pippy said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm so glad that you liked all of your stuff! I was hoping that you would like the umbrella, I was a little unsure although I really liked it and am now making one for me too! LOL I loved all of mine too! I really like the 3rd set of earrings, they are all pretty, but I like the little black crystals, I think they would complement the dress!

The Wife said...

Came across your blog today and love it!!