Thursday, September 24, 2009

trying to accessorize

now that the rehearsal is three weeks from tomorrow (commence internal freakout), i finally need to decide how to accessorize my dress!!

just a little refresher pic...

when i first started wedding planning, and browsing around....i fell in LOVE with stacysdesigns88.

she makes all sorts of thinks with vintage chandelier crystals, which is awesome....i always used to admire my grandmother's crystal chandelier....and i still love them.

so i'm trying to decide whether i want to order earrings, or a necklace....or both.

these are my favorite earrings, i love the coin pearls....and i have a strand of coins i could wear with it if i didn't love the earrings on their own....and i have a strand of smaller pearls that match the bottom ones too.

and then i LOVE this necklace, so simple and dainty....totally rewearable too!! and i have small pearl studs that would go....but she also makes matching earrings for this.
so what should i do? get the earrings? get the necklace? find a matching set and rock that?


Jamie Wright said...

Hey Deals Steals and Heels...I am friends with Candace and I love your blog so I saw this post. I sell jewelry as well and wanted to let you know about some coin pearl jewelry that Stella & Dot sells. I wish I could upload a photo but you can view it on the website. Just thought I'd let you know. Good luck!!!

Buford Betty said...

Love the dress! I bet you're getting SO excited. If it were me, I'd probably go with just the earrings. That dress has such a fun print going on and a really gorgeous neckline. I think a bare collar bone sans necklace can look so great. You got a lot going on with that number, so I'd go minimal on the jewelry. Best wishes!