Friday, September 4, 2009

yes, i still buy them

yes, i'm getting married 6 weeks from tomorrow. and i don't really have any planning so much left to do.

but i'll admit....there's a couple wedding mags i've already warned the boy i might be picking up, even AFTER we're hitched. because they're so much better than the regular ones.
instyle weddings is one. i'd never read it until i inherited a bag full 'o mags from a friend when i got engaged...and one was this. and i LOOOOOOOOOVE it. love. perhaps more than i should.

and so, i kinda squealed inside when i got an email yesterday about saving money on the new issue, on stands today!!

CLICK HERE to print a $2 off coupon!

i've gotta hit walmart tonight for tailgating snack supplies this will be coming home with me too!

and in case you're wondering....martha stewart weddings is the other one i'll probably keep reading, at least for awhile....

don't. judge. me.


Nikki Cogg said...

I love the Martha Stewart Wedding and Real Simple Wedding, too! I've been married a year (tomorrow) and I still have a LOT of my wedding mags. They also really come in handy when you want to throw a shower for someone, I'm hosting 2 this month and I've referred back to some of my favorite mags quite a few times. So keep on reading, sister!

Sonya said...

I love reading wedding magazines too even though I've been married for over a year. I just love looking at them! I would probably pick them up but I already have a stack of subscriptions that I can't keep up with!

Pippy said...

I still look at them too! Don't feel bad!

Pink Makes the World Go 'Round said...

Umm...I love InStyle Weddings and I'm not engaged. Or married. Or have any hope of being either of the above for a very long time.

Just saying. Don't feel bad.

Jin said...

I haven't bought one since our wedding last year, but I've been stalking the covers...and waiting for one of 2 friends get engaged so I have an excuse to buy them. Lol!

Happiness Is... said...

I still read wedding magazines 2.5 years later - they are just so much fun!