Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rehearsal Dress

i was browsing on ShopStyle and searching for grey chiffon dresses, for my bridesmaids. and lo and behold....i find this little gem, courtesy of Newport News. nate doesn't like it for the girls, he doesn't think it's "bridesmaid-y" enough.....but i kinda love it. and it could be an option for the rehearsal, no?
the best part??? IT'S $50!!! i almost wanna buy it just because it's so pretty, and find a reason for it later.


i <3 new shoes

my boss is awesome, and shares my love of shoes. so when she mentioned a site where i could get 3 pairs for $99, i jumped all over it. it's only through today, so check out Smart Bargains by the end of thursday if you want to get in on the deal! here's what i got:

how freaking cute are these?? i'm already envisioning them with a white jersey dress, a black cardigan, and gold jewelry. so fierce, and girly too.

these are so super cute too, i love the pattern, and the brown means i can wear them with jeans and a cute white or brown different!

and who doesn't love snakeskin wedges?? these are carlos santana, and i love how the wedge heel is skinny...these will be hot with grey pants, or jeans, or a cute, plain black skirt!

SO cute!!!

so, i already have probably 200 thank you notes, thanks to my obssession with vistaprint, but i saw these and just SIGHED. they're from etsy seller silhouetteblue. they come in packs of 16 for $25, and they come in several colors, and they can be personalized, AND for only $5 more she'll print your return address on the envelopes.

i love them so.

i might get myself some with my new last name on them just because i seriously LOVE for notecards and stationary. i need pen pals, so i can get rid of them!! whenever i have to mail someone a check, or a package, i ALWAYS include a cute card with a note =)

i wish my bridesmaids loves cards as much as i do, these would make great gifts!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharing The Free Love

you better believe i'm doing this as soon as i get home tonight.

Shutterfly is giving away a free 20 page, 8×8 photobook through March 10th. Simply enter PHOTOBOOKS at checkout.

happy book-making!

UPDATE:: apparently....this code has been going all over the internet, but only works if it was emailed to you. sorry =(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Personalized Gifts?

i know i do!! and one of the cutest websites for fun gifts is Personalization Mall! how cute is this frame?! and yes....i totally copied the preview to show you our names =)

and it's not bad, only $25. if you're looking for fun bridal party gifts, or just know someone who love seeing their own name on things ::raises hand:: put in the code freeshipfeb09 when you check out this week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

these lovely earrings are my valentine's gift from my sweetie, courtesy of etsy seller PreciousPinkDesigns.

wanna know how i lucked out with such gorgeous earrings from my handsome fiance? yes, he has good taste....he found me, after all....but more than that....he had help. from me.

and the wonders of Kaboodle.

Nate is actually the one who turned me on to this site. you sign up, and you can create a wish list, with all sorts of subcategories (i have jewelry, clothes, kitchen stuff, beauty stuff) and then your significant other can also sign up for the site...and you can become "friends" and then you can see what each other wants!!

it's great, easy to update with an add-on for firefox or internet explorer, and while you're browsing the internet and happening upon the PERFECT gift your man will never remember if you jut tell can click, and boom, it's right there. for him to see =)

and with so many awesome things on etsy, it's a great way to show them all off.

i really hope you take advantage of this site, it's great, and so easy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Been Tagged

the oh-so-lovely, and kitchen goddess lauren from Vintage Victuals tagged me!

so here we go, 7 random things about me:

1. i LOVE valentine's day. i wear red and pink every year, i love cheesy decorations, the candy, everything =)

2. i just started wearing stud earrings a few years ago, because i always thought my ear holes were too high on my lobe for studs to look right.

3. i HAVE to have things even, like the number of the volume on the tv.

4. i have REALLY long toes....people make fun of me.

5. i stack library books in the order i'm going to read them.

6. i have a crazy magazine obsession....i currently get 2 fashion magazines, martha stewart, and 2 wedding magazines. i just got subscriptions to 2 more home magazines, and a fashion magazine. LOVE them!

7. i REALLY want wedding pj's i found from target's website....but not sure i can wait until october to wear them!

and i think lauren tagged everyone i, this will just be me, playing along.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free* Pictures

*okay, so you still have to pay shipping....but $2 for 15 prints is still pretty good =)

go to Shutterfly, order your prints, and Enter code PRINTS in your shopping cart when you check out.

the offer expires on monday the 16th....might be fun for some pretty valentine's photos perhaps?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bracelet Debacle

this is the original inspiration for my wedding bracelet...and i have this EXACT brooch to make it, it's gorgeous, so sparkly, and fits just right on the back of my what's the problem??

the problem is, the ebay seller i got the brooch from, LaFancyBeads has listed more brooches. and i love them too!!! i think they are too small to use in my hair, because i really want a comb to go above my updo and run the whole length of the knot or whatever.

but they'd be so pretty as bracelets....or sashes for BM dresses. except i don't have those picked out yet.

so now i'm second guessing myself......and can't decide if i should order another brooch or 2 and get them in my hands and REALLY see which i like better!! here are some other options.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the only thing i'd change my mind for....

if you don't know already.....i am currently lusting for THESE. they're $600, and oh so gorgeous....and loubs of course! my only concern is, with 4 inch heels....what if they kill by the end of the night??

enter mr. cole haan.
these are part of his nike air line. so they feel like sneakers....but they're 3 inch heels. and while i am morally opposed to white shoes...THESE are dyeable!!! so i could get my hot pink, and a lower heel, and i could jazz them up with some shoe clips.

and they're only $300, instead of $600.

what's a girl to do??

Monday, February 9, 2009

love getting pretty!

so, i had to head to ulta for nate's valentine's present (chanel allure homme, if you must know!) and lo and behold, with my purchase, i get this too!

i picked the one of the left, sterling silver and three different colored hearts. not something i'd buy for myself, but for free when i'm buying a gift anyway, heck yes =)

and, since i was there....i looked around. i've been using ulta minerals loose powder foundation, and running was on sale, i got it for $6, instead of $14! then i got 3 eyeliners for $2 apiece, and a lip gloss and lipstick for $4 each. so $20, and i have lots of new ways to prettify....not too shabby =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

This Post Brought To Yopu by the Letter "N"

my lovely and oh-so-crafty friend Candace tagged me for this little experiment....a list of things i love with the letter "N".

1. first and foremost, i gotta go with my handsome, and totally goofy fiance Nate. this is him wearing a funny hat for a free scoop of bruster's ice cream. i don't know what i did in this life to deserve him...but i'm glad i did =)

2. New shoes!! i love getting them in mail, or buying them from the store....and wearing them for the first time....fantastic!

3. Nano: nate got me a pink one for my birthday, and i love it =) i listen to it at work, and rock out when i'm cooking dinner!
4. New York & Company: i'd say at least a third of my current wardrobe is from this store....i love it. i have on a cardigan and a necklace from there right now.

5. Noodles: i am SUCH a pasta fiend....i love it!!

6. Nail Polish: i have more OPI polish than one person should....and yet, i keep buying more. i love them all...from sparkly baby pink, to deep dark, almost black purple.

7. News: i love the regular kind....but i like the celebrity kind more. it's kinda crazy....but working in news has made me want to know everything about everything. ]

8. Never Buying Books: i read a lot....but i'd go broke if i had to buy them all.....hence why i love my local library =)

9. Naps: i haven't taken one in ages....but one of my favorite things in college was napping after classes were done in my room under my comfy blanket with the window open!

10. Nugget, aka Bojangles: oh how i adore my little monster, and his 15lbs of totally hyperactive crazinees....he's just so cute!
if you wanna play, let me know =)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shutterfly Savings

love taking pictures?? love saving money on things you put those pictures on?? check this out!

1. order absolutely ANYTHING, of ANY value from Shutterfly.
2. enter the code GET10 in your shopping catr when you check out.
3. get a $10 reward on a future order!!

basically....spend whatever you want, and get $10 to spend any time between now and the 27th of Feburary.

just use the code by February 9th....happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'll admit....I'm addicted....

to New York & Company.....i LOVE their clothes, and more importantly, i love their coupons =) this one is for $30 off $ HERE to print yours!

Monday, February 2, 2009

i LOVE wedges

seriously....i love them. perfect summer heels. and these are even more perfect, for only $25!!

oh Payless, we might just have to rekindle our former love affair =)