Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bracelet Debacle

this is the original inspiration for my wedding bracelet...and i have this EXACT brooch to make it, it's gorgeous, so sparkly, and fits just right on the back of my what's the problem??

the problem is, the ebay seller i got the brooch from, LaFancyBeads has listed more brooches. and i love them too!!! i think they are too small to use in my hair, because i really want a comb to go above my updo and run the whole length of the knot or whatever.

but they'd be so pretty as bracelets....or sashes for BM dresses. except i don't have those picked out yet.

so now i'm second guessing myself......and can't decide if i should order another brooch or 2 and get them in my hands and REALLY see which i like better!! here are some other options.



missgeorgiapeach said...

Here is my two cents.

I personally think the first/orginal one you like is very pretty but too detailed and over the top to be used as a bracelet. They are all very pretty but I think the last one that you pictured is very simple and elegant to be used as a bracelet. I am not sure if you have tiny wrists, but I think the smaller the wrist the lesser the detail that should be in the brooch. Hope this helps! And sorry if I am too late to post my opinion.

Laure said...

Those other ones are really pretty, but I like the original one the best - it's going to look gorge, Hayley!!!