Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

these lovely earrings are my valentine's gift from my sweetie, courtesy of etsy seller PreciousPinkDesigns.

wanna know how i lucked out with such gorgeous earrings from my handsome fiance? yes, he has good taste....he found me, after all....but more than that....he had help. from me.

and the wonders of Kaboodle.

Nate is actually the one who turned me on to this site. you sign up, and you can create a wish list, with all sorts of subcategories (i have jewelry, clothes, kitchen stuff, beauty stuff) and then your significant other can also sign up for the site...and you can become "friends" and then you can see what each other wants!!

it's great, easy to update with an add-on for firefox or internet explorer, and while you're browsing the internet and happening upon the PERFECT gift your man will never remember if you jut tell can click, and boom, it's right there. for him to see =)

and with so many awesome things on etsy, it's a great way to show them all off.

i really hope you take advantage of this site, it's great, and so easy!

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MrsSouthernBelle said...

Those are gorgeous... I might have to figure out how to make some!