Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Been Tagged

the oh-so-lovely, and kitchen goddess lauren from Vintage Victuals tagged me!

so here we go, 7 random things about me:

1. i LOVE valentine's day. i wear red and pink every year, i love cheesy decorations, the candy, everything =)

2. i just started wearing stud earrings a few years ago, because i always thought my ear holes were too high on my lobe for studs to look right.

3. i HAVE to have things even, like the number of the volume on the tv.

4. i have REALLY long toes....people make fun of me.

5. i stack library books in the order i'm going to read them.

6. i have a crazy magazine obsession....i currently get 2 fashion magazines, martha stewart, and 2 wedding magazines. i just got subscriptions to 2 more home magazines, and a fashion magazine. LOVE them!

7. i REALLY want wedding pj's i found from target's website....but not sure i can wait until october to wear them!

and i think lauren tagged everyone i, this will just be me, playing along.


Laure said...

I have the same thing with the TV volume! It has to be either even or divisible by five. I am a huge nerd.

Hayley said...

we can be nerds together. who watch the same trashy tv =)