Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the only thing i'd change my mind for....

if you don't know already.....i am currently lusting for THESE. they're $600, and oh so gorgeous....and loubs of course! my only concern is, with 4 inch heels....what if they kill by the end of the night??

enter mr. cole haan.
these are part of his nike air line. so they feel like sneakers....but they're 3 inch heels. and while i am morally opposed to white shoes...THESE are dyeable!!! so i could get my hot pink, and a lower heel, and i could jazz them up with some shoe clips.

and they're only $300, instead of $600.

what's a girl to do??

1 comment:

Tashahart said...

I'm dying for beautiful white peep toes! for my dress... BUt I'm hoping for a 2 3/4 in or 3, i think 4in would be a bit too much for the feet!
of course i'll prolly end up kicking htem off mid thru