Friday, February 6, 2009

This Post Brought To Yopu by the Letter "N"

my lovely and oh-so-crafty friend Candace tagged me for this little experiment....a list of things i love with the letter "N".

1. first and foremost, i gotta go with my handsome, and totally goofy fiance Nate. this is him wearing a funny hat for a free scoop of bruster's ice cream. i don't know what i did in this life to deserve him...but i'm glad i did =)

2. New shoes!! i love getting them in mail, or buying them from the store....and wearing them for the first time....fantastic!

3. Nano: nate got me a pink one for my birthday, and i love it =) i listen to it at work, and rock out when i'm cooking dinner!
4. New York & Company: i'd say at least a third of my current wardrobe is from this store....i love it. i have on a cardigan and a necklace from there right now.

5. Noodles: i am SUCH a pasta fiend....i love it!!

6. Nail Polish: i have more OPI polish than one person should....and yet, i keep buying more. i love them all...from sparkly baby pink, to deep dark, almost black purple.

7. News: i love the regular kind....but i like the celebrity kind more. it's kinda crazy....but working in news has made me want to know everything about everything. ]

8. Never Buying Books: i read a lot....but i'd go broke if i had to buy them all.....hence why i love my local library =)

9. Naps: i haven't taken one in ages....but one of my favorite things in college was napping after classes were done in my room under my comfy blanket with the window open!

10. Nugget, aka Bojangles: oh how i adore my little monster, and his 15lbs of totally hyperactive crazinees....he's just so cute!
if you wanna play, let me know =)


MrsSouthernBelle said...

I made the letter N way too easy for you!

Hayley said...

it took me awhile!! i got about 7....then i got stumped.