Friday, October 2, 2009

SO excited

this time tomorrow, i will be here.
i'm headed to one of my favorite places on the planet.....athens, georgia....home of the university of georgia, and of COURSE the georgia bulldogs!!

i'm SO excited, i haven't been up to tailgate in 2 years....i'll be going with my 4 bridesmaids, and we're staying with one girls sister who lives up there.


so, after tailgating, and going back to her apt. to watch the game....we're hitting downtown athens for my bachelorette party!!!

right now, this is what i'm planning on wearing. it's a shoshanna dress, and you can't really tell...but it has a faint silver sparkle in it....super cute, right?!
this dress has arguably the MOST EVIL zipper on the planet. when i first bought it....i got it online, and forgot designer sizes are smaller than regular it didn't really fit.
but now it does.....except i can't get it zipped by myself.
see where the bottom of the tight part is? the zipper HATES getting past that part. the boy and i spent 20 minutes last night trying to get it up. i started feeling really bad, like maybe it didn't fit after all....but the top hooked, and i could push the zipper just wouldn't actually zip!!
we had to go old school, and rub both sides of the zipper with a mechanical pencil, hoping the lead would work...and it did! hooray!!
i'm thinking my red alligator clutch, and maybe some red shoes.....what do you think about my party ensemble??


The Pink Chick said...

Yay! You are going to be in my neck of the woods! Where are you tailgating? I'm not sure where we will be yet. We are usually near the chapel, but sometimes we mix it up and tailgate near the collesium. Have fun tailgating and going out that night! I love the dress! It is so cute!!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

have a blast darlin but i have to route for my boys (LSU) even they are not playing well! i will be thinking of you! xo

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

i meant to add a though* in there.

Nikki Cogg said...

2 of my best friends live in Athens and they'll be attending the game as well. I love Athens, we just visited them in July! Your Shoshanna dress is adorable, so glad you got the pesky zipper situation fixed. Have a fab time at your bachelorette party!

Pippy said...

I hope you have a blast! We went last weekend, & of course got soaked. My husband still had a great time at his first Dawgs game though. He already wants to go back, hopefully next time it won't be raining.

Michelle and Mikey said...

Very cute dress!

Erin said...

Umm, how have I never heard of the mechanical pencil trick?

Simply Southern Chic said...

Omm,love it Hayley! You def are going to rock the town! I'll say this just for you, Go Dawgs! (don't tell DH)!