Thursday, October 29, 2009

only 57 days

until christmas!! igoogle countdown tells me every morning.

and so, i've been scouring magazines and the internet for decorating ideas....and now i am totally torn between these 2....and may do both =)

i found a similar wreath in the new issue of martha stewart living...SANS the giant bow and little berries. basically...just a wreath covered in sweet gum balls. and lo and behold...i gots me one of those in my yard =) and i'd probably paint it a light shimmery match out upstairs decor.

then there's this. i have TONS of small silver ornaments left over from wedding decor...and they were so cheap, cuz we bought off season...that i might as well use them again for something! i figure, with a dollar tree AND a hobby lobby less than a 1/4 mile from my house...i can make this easy.
so what do you think? make both? pick one?
and get excited girls...tomorrow, i have a BIG, SUPER FUN announcement to make with one of my BBFs....that's best blogging friend =)


Freck said...

Holy cow, only 57 days?! Time to start shopping!!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Time Flies-- Can't believe only 57 more days!
If you need Christmas cards- I'm selling a few on my blog- Have a look!

Have a great day!

Preppy from Bay said...

I'm loving the second one and thinking of doing that with my green wreaths that I already have but adding sivler and red balls like they did in the Pottery Barn issue. Can't wait to see the blog tomorrow.

Little Pink Magnolia said...

I am soo excited for christmas! I love the 2nd one - I think I may have to make something like that to put on my door. I'm feeling like lots of silver this Christmas..

Ellie said...

Wahoo! Let the shopping/decorating/festivities begin!