Tuesday, October 6, 2009

our first look

the countdown is on...and ten days from now, we'll be getting married.

but before we do that, we need to take pictures.

i decided when we first started planning i wanted to do a "first look", and get some pictures done before our ceremony, just us. i've heard from friends that it's still special, and it's time between just the two of us...and i KNOW how nervous the boy will be...so it'll help calm his nerves, AND help keep our picture time post-ceremony to a minimum. we wanna party!

so, now the dilemna is WHERE.

this is the gazebo where we got engaged....right by that bush on the right, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. so seeing me the first time in all my bridal glory would be pretty awesome.

BUT, it's about a half mile from our venue...so we'd have to drive. and that might not be the best idea, cuz i don't wanna get my dress wrinkly, and i don't want to have to navigate all the figuring out which cars, and who drives and all that jazz.

this is the front of our venue. see that wrought iron balcony? yeah....we can get up there. and having pics overlooking our town would be awesome too.

BUT, it's kind of small. and with photogs and whatnot....there might not be much room to groove.

i can't find a picture....but the lobby of our venue is GORGEOUS. so we might do it there too....it's all marble floors and wrough iron tables and fancy chairs and gold mirrors....

BUT i want to take hip fun pics with my girls there.

UGH, too many decisions...what would you do?!

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logan said...

So close!!! Good luck these last 10 days!!!

And I would agree...somewhere near your venue would prob be the best idea and stress free! Maybe do both the lobby and iron balcony...

Good luck!