Monday, October 12, 2009

sign me up!

this is my last monday as a single lady....OMG.

and since the wedding is so close....i figure i'll blog about some of our wedding details, since 1) i'm totally insane this week and can't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach, and 2) i'm on a shopping hiatus, saving up for a little spending spree in santorini.

today's fun?

our guestbook.

i'm all for the giant photo frame, i have friends with them hanging up in their homes, and they're so pretty....but it wasn't for us.

mostly cuz i already have a bazillion pics of us around the house, and wanted something different.

and i love what we ended up with.

this is a wordle design.

you input the words you want, and it makes them into a design. the more times a word appears....the bigger it is. so i made a list of all sorts of "love" words, and our wedding date and our names....and then i put them on wordle, and kept resetting the colors to match our decor, and fixing the font and refreshing until i got a pattern i liked.

then i uploaded this very image on vistaprint, got it made into a poster....and now it's sitting, in a GIANT silver frame with a black poster mat....waiting to be signed.

in silver sharpie of course.

after the wedding, we'll hang it over our loveseat in the upstairs living room.

you like?


MrsSouthernBelle said...

LOVE IT! You and VP are BFFs!

Tina said...

I love this! very cute.

KLaw said...

I love that Wordle thing. So fun!

Mrs. M said...

That is a fabulous idea! I just love it!

Jin said...

very awesome! Early congrats!

ashley said...

that's awesome!! i made one a long time ago but i lost it... i'm inspired to go re-do it and frame it for the house.