Monday, August 10, 2009

wedding crafts

as much as i love finding a good also means i love making something for way cheaper than i can buy it!

WAYYYY back last year when i started planning this shindig, i was saving pictures for ideas and inspiration all over the place.

and when i found this, i knew i had to have it!

so cute, right?

well, i finally have MY version.

excuse the blurry cell pic....i was too lazy to get the camera.
the boy is a whiz with a jigsaw, so we found a found a font we liked, printed out the monogram, i exacto-knifed it and then traced it on some MDF, and then N cut it out.
and then the trouble started. i thought MDF would work with spray paint, cuz it did with my cake topper.....NOT.SO. MUCH. it looked awful, splotchy and bubbly and gross.
so we sanded off the nasty parts, and busted out the old 64 cent acrylic paint from walmart....and voila!
i love it, we're probably going to put it on the door to our ceremony space.
and then, imagine my surprise when my amazing friend ashley sends me a message about this new craft she's doing, and wants to make me some!

that is me, and the future hubs. so cute right?? we're going to hang them on our chairs at the reception!
then, we'll probably put them on the wall where we put about 500 black and white photos i'm sure we'll be framing from the wedding =)


Ashley Pizarro said...

Those are precious!!!! :)

b is for brown said...

Wow! You have some talent! I need the Mr. and Mrs.

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

wow those are great!! you are so crafty. and also lucky that your man helps you with your projects. i'm lucky if i can get my fiance to pry his eyes away from his computer long enough to take a quick picture of me working on a project. haha. well, he is building our cake topper, so i'll give him that. anyway, great job!!

Taryn said...

Love both of them!!