Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a tale of three shoes

so, when i first got engaged....i was absolutely determined that i wanted louboutins for my wedding.

specifically.....these viva lola's. SO. PRETTY.

but the thing about my beloved christian....he makes tall shoes. which i normally LOOOOOOVE.....but i'm also a tall girl. so i had to worry about making sure my heels weren't too tall for my dress, and my guy....who put a 4 inch limit on me, so we'd be eye level. he also wasn't thrilled about me spending $600 on shoes....but i'm a shoe girl, so he'd have let me.

hello vonda....i love you =) (vonda's my dress....not my alter ego). see....she's plenty long with 3 1/2 inch heels on....which is what i took to the shop when we picked her up and brough her home.

sadly....the 4 inch lola's were out....and then they sold out anyways.

enter....kate spade.

this is the clarice. i LOVED these shoes...the pink is gorgeous, and the little front knot is super cute. and at $300....half the price of the loubs!

but i was a bad bad girl, and put off ordering them.

and then the ONE place i found them in pink.....sold out. le sigh.

back to the drawing board....and kinda freaking out cuz i'm 2 1/2 months away from the big day....and i CANNOT wear ugly white shoes.


so, after my brush with tragic destiny and the loss of clarice...i started looking more. googling "pink satin shoes".

and a man named stuart saved me.

these are mr. weitzman's gigi. i love the pleating on the front...and the heels seem to be about right. the site i ordered them from says they are 4 inches...but there's no way. and everywhere else says 3 1/2.

the best part? they were $150. and will be on my doorstep tomorrow or thursday! and since mom's dress will arrive today....i plan to take it to the parents house, and visit vonda with my new kicks.

the color is a little darker than i had originally thought i wanted...but i love the look of them. and no one's gonna really see them.


Taryn said...

A three pairs are droolworthy! You definitely have excellent taste in shoes. :) I love how the cost went down by 1/2 with each pair...haha! Congrats on finding your shoes...they will look perfect with Vonda. :)

Mrs. W said...

droolworthy indeed!

Stuart Wietzman is probably my favorite shoe designer. great choice! : ]

~ Donna ~ said...

1st - love your dress :)

2nd - all 3 pairs of shoes, are to.die.for!!!

3rd - love the sturat shoes you are going to wear, they will look gorgeous!!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

As I have supported every pink shoe decision... I also support these! I think that color will be great for fall too!

Ashley Pizarro said...

Ok I just loooovvveee those shoes! Actually all three picks would have been perfect with that beautiful dress!!! :) Very good choice!

Danielle said...

Those shoes are beautiful! Good job on getting the great deal too!

Southern Belle said...

Congratulations on getting married!!!! Such an exciting time for you. Pugs are just the best. My puggy has the sweetest disposition. She has little white paws and is just the cutest thing EVER. Being a pug mom is a special thing=) I see you're from Columbus, Ga. I just got back from going to a wedding there this weekend. Was a lot of fun.

Happiness Is... said...

All 3 pairs are great, but ironically, I like the ones you ended up with best!

Great choice!