Thursday, August 6, 2009

love....and SERIOUS conflict.

my stuarts came in today...and OMG, they are ah-mazing. like....the color is even more gorgeous in person, and they are perfect with my dress, and the boy approves because he "can still see the top of my head".

so what ever else could a bride want?

yeah....see, kate spade emailed me before i left work. and i decided to check out the new website. cuz kate said i might like it.

well, the little witch was right....i did like it. TOO. MUCH.


i am totally in love with these shoes. totally. but i cannot wear them for the wedding...because i love love LOVE my pink ones for the big day.

but are these not the most amazing things? they are on sale....for $224. but ONLY IN MY SIZE.

it's like fate. and the boy says i can buy them.

and i can wear them for the rehearsal, and again for day-after pics that we're taking with our photog once we get back from the honeymoon.

but i'm having some guilt....cuz they're $224. even though he says it's cool...i feel kinda bad, cuz we do have wedding stuff to pay for that aren't for my feet.

so i need to know what you girls think!

EDIT:: the shoes have been purchased. and i'm already brainstorming peacock fascinator supplies for the rehearsal...and maybe some russian netting. cuz i rule.


CTB said...

I have a serious crush on those blue shoes!

~ Donna ~ said...

Gorgeous shoes...I now neeeeed a pair!!!!

Ashley Pizarro said...

They are very cute! If you wanna spend the money on them, then go for it! I would be having major guilt too, haha!!! They are super cute!

suburban prep said...

Those are spectacular shoes.

MrsSouthernBelle said...

do it do it do it do it do it!

Little Miss Southern said...

Buy the shoes. You could ALWAYS resell them if you wanted.

BUY the shoes sister.

Happiness Is... said...

Those are gorgeous!

Buford Betty said...

LOVE the shoes!