Wednesday, May 6, 2009

what have i have been up to lately?

why crafting of course!!

here's the thing....once i find something i 1) really like doing, and 2) seem to be pretty good at, and 3) doesn't cost me too much, i kinda go nuts.

especially if its something i can wear.

enter my latest creations.

(yes, those silver things in the background are my jewelry hooks, fully of necklaces. a problem you say? nahhhhh)
and yes, one of these days i'll actually show you a headband ON MY HEAD, but since i made these last night, and wanted the glue to dry....not yet dear readers. but soon.
so i've had some friends who've seen my latest projects ask about opening up an etsy shop. but i'm a little heistant because...what if no one wants them?? i can't wear 57 headbands myself, and my friends might get tired of getting them as gifts.
i need some feedback here dears =)


Anonymous said...

Those headbands are SUPER cute!!! Love them! I love headbands and I wear them and not ponytail holders because my ears stick out! :D

Ellie said...


Eva said...

I would wear them as headbands they are super cute.

Angela said...

What?! You made these??! I'm so impressed - super cute!!!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

I want to order the silver! let me know how much!

Queenie said...

Sillyhead, these are so quick and easy to make that you can have people order them in the color they want, tell them it will take 2 weeks, and then make and ship it out!

Monroe Dawson said...

So are you going to sell these?!? If so let me know I would ~LOVE~ one!!!